About Us/Sobre Nosotros

Finding Community through your screen.
Encontrar comunidad  través de tu pantalla.


What is a Partner Hub?

A hub is a central piece of an activity, region, or network. This means that this website is where you'll be able to access art, youth basketball, cooking classes, and more! Our partners are the wonderful people who are making those activities possible. 

 At this virtual location, our mission is to enhance the community’s quality of life by providing residents a wide range of recreational, and social activities that are both unifying and empowering.

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How does this work?

At the top of the screen, there are the names of different partners that are offering virtual content. If you don't know which partner does which activity, feel free to explore! If you're having trouble accessing any of the links, check out the Contact page above to see who to email for support.

This is NOT a replacement for our school website though.

You can find more  information about our school by clicking the button below

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